.. _20180312-notes:

2018-03-12 Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Sebastian, Tommy, Craig


  • Project updates
  • Handling meeting notes
  • Usability tests – what to do with the data?
  • Design docs and feedback – Wiki vs wt-design-docs vs?
  • Backup design review (how do we do reviews?)

TACC outage:

  • May be related to cpu/ram limits or celery worker isn’t running.

Project updates:

  • Kacper: Adding registry to terraform deployment (currently setup manually on dev instance). Issued PR (not on board)
    • Started to review Mike’s code related to home directories yesterday
    • Problem with Circle CI integration, issues with code coverage reporting false values in PR from Sebastian.
  • Craig: Backup (using rclone), integrated with Box (autoupdates auth token), first pass for review soon.
    • How to propose design/architecture changes? (Kacper would prefer PR workflow, other options: Github wiki, pushing directly to wt-design-docs and interate afterwards)
    • Software development process meeting tomorrow.
    • Should we put meeting notes directly to GitHub (Kacper: I’d prefer yes)
    • Ian: Meeting notes from UI team in Google drive https://docs.google.com/document/d/16tIFvqlUdz3ti5lHUCwdidA0iqkAITXpOg0kksT4ez8/edit#heading=h.lb4mxyqs201z
  • Tommy: Has DataOne instance up and running. Copying data over to WT (
    • Done a little work with Girder to let user know when each file is processed (dashboard#122). Will submit new PR with code changes today.
  • Sebastian/Ian:
    • Good discussions with UI working group
    • Writing up notes from last week
    • Next meeting: 3/14
    • Usability test feedback could be input into this meeting
    • Will have first round of changes focused around making concepts consistent.

Usability tests:

  • Mike and Tommy have done initial tests
  • LIGO tale is only production
  • Image creation only on dev
  • Home directories only on dev and now working
  • Image creation will be a problem due to disk size
  • What to do with the data?
    • Synthesize into responses for each task
    • Put raw versions on mailing list
    • Tommy will synthesize and share as md in design docs

Release process:

  • At end of March – v0.1
  • dashboard (stable, etc), girder_plugins,
  • Previous release process assumed merging master into stable
  • Most repos have two branches: stable > production, master > dev
  • Could do this immediately – there will 2 weeks before new work on Dashboard. But things will change quickly.
  • Wait for Mike’s changes?
  • Kacper:
    • Dashboard has new things (creating images/recipes; access control) that shouldn’t be part of v0.1. We could disable the menu item.
    • Do we want home directories in v0.1 at all?
    • Initial integration tests
  • What’s v0.2?
    • Everything we showed at all hands
    • Image building (well tested)
    • Home directories (under development)
    • Deploying registry in terraform (needs testing)
    • Specific worker tasks
    • Backup
    • Depending on outcome of UI, may include some UI refactoring
    • Documentation
    • More integration tests