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2018-03-26 Development meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Bryce, Mihael, Ian, Kyle


  • Labels/milestones
  • Discuss v0.1 release features


  • Ian, Adam, Sebastian:
    • UX/UI meeting last week went really well, new version of mockups, Q: What’s the next step? Should we iterate with PI team (Kacper will ask tomorrow, ask MattJ if he can walk through it)?
  • Tommy:
    • Performed a full round of ingesting data from DataONE -> running Tale using a new modal. (possibly should be included in 0.1?)
    • Consider incorporating DataOne’s python package in WT stack
    • Working on documentation (registering data from DataONE)
    • Current mockups don’t include exporting functionality. (Ian: UI team was focused on addressing current functionality)
  • Craig:
    • This week plan to actually do release. This will mean tagging and deploying all components as-is, unless I hear otherwise.
    • Had no response to email about external feedback into serialization format.
    • Still testing restore portion of backup during deployment. Really hope to be done soon.
    • Parental leave imminent (sometime this week). Will certainly be out next week.
  • Bryce:
    • Worked on Tale Serialization design doc https://wholetale.readthedocs.io/development/mockups/tale-serialization/README.html
    • Started working on an interim export method for the backend until serialization is agreed upon
  • Mihael
    • Home/Workspace working locally, some issues with remote CI. All the file operations move/rename/delete/copy are all synced across Girder and WebDAV.
  • Kyle: We need to revisit ingesting from MDF (will work with Kacper off-call)
  • Kacper
    • Updated project issues with new labeling scheme (added a tool for making that automatic whole-tale/gh-project-helper)
    • Finalizing implementation of a cap for number of running Tales

Release v0.1

General consensus that whatever is currently stable goes into v0.1


We reviewed the proposed label convention and agreed that it’s a good starting point.