.. _20180402-notes:

2018-04-02 Development meeting



  • Release of v0.1 was finalized, but not deployed in production yet.


  • What is a bare minimum for adding recipe/image?
    • KK: At minimum we need to ask about GitHub url, we can try to derive other properties for Dockerfile.


  • Working on tale export
  • Had a question on what’s required for recipe creation and if that’s documented
    • Kacper will document what needs to be provided for creating a valid recipe/image/tale


  • Fixed home directory issues
    • functional tests are fully working for homes
    • some PEP checks related to partially implemented tale dir code are failing.
  • Identified an issue related to vanilla Girder related to lookUpPath method.
  • Fixed issue related to deleting locks created by WebDAV from assetstore.


  • Logan needs some help with upcoming paper. He’d like to have a tale available in current production system.


  • UI team would like Tommy or Bryce to join telcon on Wed to talk about DataONE integration.


  • Fixing last unit test
  • Finish documentation & UI testing
  • Look into speeding registration time up with Bryce
  • Show to UI team on Wednesday.