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2018-04-09 Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Mike, Sebastian, Adam, Tommy



  • Helped Logan Ward with creating “unofficial” Tale associated with his upcoming publication.
  • Worked on documenting basics of creating a WT frontend.


  • Working with the UI team on the re-design. Rachel created a survey for users, we’re sending it out to get feedback before taking the next step.
  • Also did some testing with the iFrame as a P.o.C to see how it works before implementing the full feature.


  • Tale workspaces are working now. Need some additional tests (related to auth, and password generation)
    • (action item) KK: will deploy it to dev env, dev team will run rudimentary tests
    • (action item) KK: will ask a couple users for feedback after initial test run by dev team.


  • Attended UI team meeting on Wednesday-discussed the landing page for DataONE.


  • Checked in with the UI team last week. We found that the best option would be to combine some functionality with the current modal with the compose dialog.
  • Right now I’m working with the d1_python library - it looks like we can pass files to it to create a package. It also supports uploading the package to a DataONE node with x509 and JWT auth.
  • Performance test for DataONE registration: 90% time is spend in validation procedures. Optimization would be a good subproject for an intern. In the meantime we can run thorough validation only if registration tasks yields any exception.