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2018-04-16 Development meeting

Kacper, Bryce, Craig, Mihael, Tommy, Ian, Sebastian


  • Update on UI/UX effort.
  • Handling large amount of objects between UI and backend.



  • Update on the UI: It was decided to use iFrames to embed the execution environment into the main UI. There is a presentation tomorrow in place of the PI meeting where the UI team will present the new UI. When handling an image that doesn’t support embedding into iFrames, we may be able to et a running view into the VM and stream it into the browser.
    • Q. What is needed if we decide to go forward with iFrames? IT: Would need frontend that would work in an iFrame to test it; consider adding parameter to backend to annotate whether it can be rendered in iFrame or not; UI can annotate whether frontend is iFrame compatible. KK: This is already a supported flag on Jupyter today.
    • Q (CW): Can we address this at proxy/traefik level? KK: Probably not, but we should check. IA: Both Rstudio and Jupyter have app-level constraints that make this unlikely.
  • Working with a tale that will be published this week. Wrote a script that will register a large number of files. There was a large discrepency with respect to time between the script and the deployment.
  • Discussion of Mongo cluster performance and whether we need replication.


  • Participating in the weekly UI meetings.


  • Investigated some performace with dataset registration-submitted PR. Should see the speedup in the next deployment.


  • Working on backup PR. We did v0.1 tag, encountered some issues.
  • We aim for 0.2 for the end of April.
  • ESIP folks would like create Tales out of their running JupyterHub environment.
    • They wanted to know if someone can present WT during ESIP meeting (July in AZ).


  • Working on ensuring that current files are going to be compatable with the new home folder structure.


  • Attending the UI meetings


  • Working on package creation-current goal is to create a minimal package that can be zipped and downloaded locally (issue #69). This will include creating generating system metadata and a resource map.
  • Created a PoC that uploads file(s) from WT/Girder to DataONE.