.. _20180423-notes:

2018-04-23 Development meeting

Kacper, Bryce, Ian, Craig, Mihael, Tommy, Sebastian


  • Moving forward with UI/UX effort.
    • Q. What needs to happen to move forward with prototype based on mockups? A.
      • One frontend working via iFrame on dev
      • It would be convenient to have flag on instance table to know whether tale if iframe-able.
      • Can also annotate on UI/list which ones will show on left and which will result in tab
      • How can we tell if an image can be launched in the iframe? Make an option in the recipe creation Attmempt to launch in the iframe, if it fails, launch in a new tab
      • KK will enable iframes on localhost (via ember) and attribute to flag iframe-capable frontends
  • Release v0.2
    • Used wrong branch for dashboard and gwvolman
      • UI for creating new images (image/recipe tab)
      • gwvolman: incompatibilty between girderfs and plugins
    • What’s in?
      • Home directories + workspace directories (WebDav)
      • Backup of database and home directories
      • Container repository of frontends
    • Craig/Kacper to meet to discuss what it means to release
      • Actual production deployment will require re-provision
  • Discussion of upcoming priorities (post MVP)
    • UI redesign
      • Re-use the tales component
      • Design the right hand menu of running tales (as a component)
      • Refactor the file browser to work with constricted real estate
    • Kubernetes migration
    • Globus integration is not fully generalized (i.e., works with MDF)
    • After MVP, publish side will be a priority
    • Changing Jupyter itself to integrate with WholeTale (events, adding files, etc)
    • Running tales on local machine
    • Provenance tracking


  • Kacper - Got rid of the login page in RStudio!
  • Ian - Design work seems to be wrapped up, and now we should focus on where to go from here.
  • Bryce - Finished backend work on tale exporting, and also put a button in the UI. Figuring out what to prioritize next.
  • Craig - Merged the backup PR. Moving on to work on the automated DNS system. Looking forward, there will be a v0.2 release.
  • Mihael - Fixed a bug with the home directories. Worked on reproducing a bug that Kacper had reported-but was ultimately unable to.
  • Sebastian - No updates
  • Tommy - Finished work on generating metadata for files that will be sent over to DataONE. Waiting for the next d1_python release before committing.