.. _20180430-notes:

2018-04-30: Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Bryce, Craig, Mike, Sebastian, Tommy, Damian



  • Ian - Worked on the new UI changes & showed them to the team
  • Kacper - Will stress test the home directory updates (That Mike made last week)
  • Bryce - No update
  • Craig - New PR for automatic DNS registration with GoDaddy. Will work on TLS working next
  • Mike - documentation for Home/Workspace. Put in bug fixes for the home directories
  • Sebastian, Adam, Damian - No update
  • Tommy - Created new feature branch for publishing, working on unit tests for first commit.

New UI

  • Ian presented UI and Dashboard task list
  • Discussion of Tommy getting involved working with new UI
  • Ian: Created newui branch, but should move to master
  • Kacper will create issues from document items