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2018-05-07: Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Bryce, Craig, Mihael, Sebastian, Adam, Damian, Tommy, Kyle


  • New UI presentation
  • Release v0.2 update


  • Ian & ND Team - Spent time with Damian on the UI (file manager). Estimating that the UI work will span to the end of June. Going over the next three weeks of tasks in tomorrow’s sprint meeting.
  • Kacper - Todo: Create a doodle poll for meeting on Friday.
  • Bryce - No update
  • Craig - Working on GoDaddy API integration, wildcard TLS support
  • Mike - Working on documentation. Conceptualizing Globus support
  • Kyle - No update
  • Tommy - Updated gh-project-helper to support adding milestones across the org. Has uploading files off of Girder FS to DataONE working. Currently writing unit tests. Next, 3.5 In Page Searching will be tackled.