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2018-05-14: Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Tommy, Sebastian, Adam, Damian


  • Updates


  • Ian & ND Team:
    • UI meeting last week:
      • discussed naming
      • Rachel prepared questionnaires for users and received first feedback
      • a lot of questions about how ACLs are handled
      • general feedback was positive
    • catching errors from iframes is not trivial, there’s no obvious solution to that
    • TASK: Add info whether image/tale is able to run in an iframe
    • TASK: Figure out if iframe errors can be caught with local deployment.
  • Damian: updating EmberJS was frustrating at the beginning , but it’s getting better. New version of EmberJS is required to support the new view/widget hierarchy.
  • Kacper: Met on Friday with Kyle and Mike to discuss Globus integration.
  • Craig: Implemented TLS support and GoDaddy integration, finalized v0.2 release. Preparing for deployment to stable.
  • Mike: Met with Kacper and Kyle on Friday last week, discussed a plan how to integrate proper Globus support.
  • Tommy: Completed the UI 3.3 and 3.5 tasks (now in github). Beefed up metadata generation, and will work on UI issue 3.1 next.