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2018-06-04: Development meeting

Kacper, Bryce, Adam, Sebastian, Damian, Mihael, Craig, Tommy


  • Updates


  • Kacper:
    • Deployed new version of wholetale plugin enforcing iframe field for Tales. PR#89
    • Worked with Craig on migration of user data from GridFS to WebDAV.
    • Started working on userguide describing WT filesystem and their intended use.
  • Bryce:
    • No updates right now, plan to work on Publishing in upcoming weeks.
  • Craig:
    • Migration process from GridFS to WebDav
    • v0.3 release and deploy to staging
    • Q. Disable Workspace and uploading to Data dir in UI?
      • TASK: create an issue for dashboard: disable uploading outside of Home/Workspace
    • Q. Migrating Logan’s tales
      • Accounts are not associated in Globus. Treat as separate identities.
    • Publishing WG brief report
      • Discussion of licensing (e.g., default CC0)
      • It’s supported in Girder for items and could easily be extended
      • From our point of view it’s simple – they just need to decide
      • Bryce: It’s implicit in the publishing flow
        • The tool will default to CC0 or Sharealike
      • Q. Is the license part of the tale or the published object?
        • If we assume the license belongs to DataOne/Globus, then we don’t care in Girder
  • Damian:
    • Working on communication between UI and iframes
    • Fixing styling issues
    • Started a new sprint oriented around new UI this week
  • Mihael:
    • Wrote a design doc about using variuos ways of using Globus (Personal vs Server endpoint) for transfering data into WT
  • Sebastian:
    • New sprint takes this week
    • Will be on for the full three weeks
    • Migrated most of the tasks from the UI google docs sheet into GitHub issues
  • Tommy:
    • Have Globus file working
    • Can register data from generic member nodes (Just needs an endpoint to the member node) PR#91
    • Dashboard changes for generic member nodes
    • Documented publishing