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2018-06-11: Development meeting

Craig (offline), Damian, Sebastian, Ian, Thomas, Bryce, Michael


  • v0.3 release
    • v0.3 build of all components
    • Deployed to https://dashboard.stage.wholetale.org
    • User data migrated from GridFS to WebDav
      • Since “Data” should be read-only and “Workspace” doesn’t exist, all user data was migrated to “Home”
  • Updates


  • Craig: Released v0.3 of all services, now deployed on staging environment https://dashboard.stage.wholetale.org
    • Will apply hot-fix for Workspace issue later today or tomorrow
    • Still need to update Logan’s tales (due to migration)
    • Next priorities – integration testing/documentation; scripting the release process
  • Sebastian: Working on instantiating multiple tales at once through the new UI
    • Question for Kacper: Can we add a LAUNCHING constant to the InstanceStatus class on the backend?
  • Damian:
    • Rewriting Browse Tales UI. Filtering/searching matching new design now. Created list view for tales.
    • Moving to Compose editor
  • Ian: Allocated time for dashboard development with the scrum team
  • Thomas: Created the file referencing any files in Globus, just about done with generating a dockerfile from the recipe and image, also did some work on the publishing modal dialog. Question for Kyle: Is there a way to get a file checksum from the Globus API?
  • Bryce: No update. Haven’t been working actively on WholeTale.
  • Mihael: writing code for globus transfers