2018-06-18: Development meeting


  • Development plan review
    • Indicated delays for MVP (need 1-2 weeks testing/bugfixes)
    • Need extra time for user documentation
      • Craig, Kacper committed time
      • Tutorial with screenshots is most important
    • Globus integration - may move to v0.5 if needed, re-evaluate next week or so
    • UI re-design sprint (on track; sprint ends 6/22?)
      • Functionally complete
      • Getting some new widgets working as well (e.g., lists, menus to restyle, file browser)
      • Environments edit/delete discussed during UI meeting (not part of MVP). New images can be postponed until v0.7.
  • Working Group Workshop in September
    • Big 10 Conference Center, 9/13 - 14
    • Based on v0.5 release, including publishing to DataONE
  • v0.4 release (MVP - 6/29/2018 -> 7/15/18)
    • What do we call it (alpha, beta)?
    • No one disagreed with calling it “alpha”.
    • Workspaces were disabled in v0.3 and we need to test before determining if supported in MVP
  • Documentation review
    • Discussion of whether the UI has any features that will not be part of MVP
  • eScience Workshop on Research Objects
  • Updates


  • Kacper - Working on allowing multiple folders for tales. Return a non blocking job for instance creation.
  • Craig - v0.3 deployment to staging with migration (identified/resolved new issues); worked with GoDaddy support (no resolution) on DNS problems; started looking at documentation tasks
  • Damian - Working primarily on the run side of the application (launching tales). Will integrate Kacper’s change regarding multiple folders to the UI.
  • Mihael - Working on globus transfer code.
  • Sebastian & Adam - Worked on the mini file browser. Additional work on instantiating tales. Looking at how state is shared between the UI panels.
  • Tommy - Working on saving the repository that the recipe is created from. Reviewing status of development and working on the publishing modal. Also got the d1_python libraries working/properly integrated.