2018-06-25: Development meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Craig, Mihael, Sebastian, Damian


  • Updates
  • MVP
    • Sprint ends tomorrow
    • Last thing is instantiating tales, but lots of minor things. Will add these to the next sprint.
    • Look at the Invision doc as the source of truth – to test and confirm that it’s implemented as expected.
    • Discussion of arranging time to demonstrate MVP for feedback from PI team.
  • v0.4 – first build targeted for 7/8.


  • Kacper
  • Bryce
    • No directly WT work this last week
    • Working on abstract for ResearchObjects 2018 conference. Mostly about DataONE and packaging but crosses over with WholeTale. I’ll link the abstract here once drafted today. link to conf.
  • Craig
    • Starting to work on user documentation
    • Starting to develop Postman tests – initially for stress testing, but may also serve as preliminary integration tests
      • Q: Does it require healthcheck endpoints? A: It’s not necessary, postman serves as a healthcheck itself.
    • Implemented Checkmk test for tale creation
    • Q. Home directories? A: Users will be able to select files/folders from home directory during compose. A “snapshot” will be created of those files for the lifetime of the tale (becomes immutable in tale, but could possibly be updated via API).
    • Comment: Ideally we can use RO paper as input into publisher working group.
  • Damian
    • Working on the transition between tale creation and the run page. (Action Point: KK will deploy PR100 on dev deployment manually)
  • Mihael
    • Working on Globus integration; potentially see GitHub activity in a few days
  • Sebastian
    • Working on transitions between various panels, need to use browser storage due to crossing views
  • Tommy
    • Created the tale.yml file and merged two metadata files into it. The PR is in GitHub.
    • The ‘file paths’ (the directory structure) is complete; we should be able to “reconstruct” the FS in a way that the tale can run.
    • 90% of repository saving complete-testing plan for the worker?
    • Working on full use cases (Run page to DataONE and then back to WT)
    • Updating publishing & Serialization UI
    • Planning to do some UI testing
    • Adding licence to tale during publication