2018-07-02: Development meeting

Kacper, Craig, Damian, Mihael, Sebastian, Tommy


  • Updates
  • MVP
    • static html
    • dev v staging deploy
      • Dev: iframeable images
      • For exec call, will use staging with latest images
      • Last bits are “run tale” and double menu fix
  • New feature request
    • Add a mechanism to add packages to images (requirements.txt, OS packages, etc)
      • KK: This is already a planned feature. Not explicitly stated – but issues are package diff related. We should make this a bit more detailed.


  • Kacper
    • Attempted to write tests for instance spawning
    • Added a new status for instances, launching
    • Showed the dashboard to Matt for some feedback
  • Craig
    • Monitoring tale launching running on staging (some errors, still diagnosing). Need to update to support async instance spawning
    • Preliminary example of postman tests for integration testing
    • Defined stress testing scenarios
    • Continuing work on user documentation, but holding on screen shots
  • Damian
    • Fixing the bugs as they come in
    • Restyling other dashboard pages to match other pages
    • Added full scale tale running!
  • Mihael
    • Using API key to create share requires subscription (MH: will ask Kyle if that can be circumvented)
  • Sebastian
    • KK: iframe property needs to propagate to Instance.
    • Working on showing iframable tales in running tale panel
  • Tommy
    • UI testing
    • Created some workflows for tale publishing
    • Attempted to work through said flows
    • Tasked out the work for the publishing modal
    • Finished up saving the recipe repository