2018-07-09: Development meeting

Kacper, Sebastian, Damian, Mihael, Craig, Tommy


  • Updates
  • Exec meeting update
    • Discussion of NG oauth/logout feedback – privacy/security concerns
      • Logout would stop transfers
      • Need list of arguments
  • Handling dashboard issues @ GH
    • They are reviewed after each sprint. We shouldn’t delete them until ND team give us green light.
  • Logging out and clearing storage
  • https://github.com/whole-tale/dashboard/issues/188
  • MVP
    • Blocking issues
      • Documentation for registration
      • Migration problem
      • Documentation is incomplete
      • Instance creation status poll


  • Kacper
    • Bugfixes related to updating Tales to a new format
    • Updates to build_image task (using git directly now)
    • Propagate iframe property to Instances
    • Reenable http check (should work for at least jupyter)
  • Sebastian
    • Worked on ‘Run’ tab issue
    • Hit a bug in EmberJS while working on #185
    • Working on spinner for launching Tales
  • Damian
  • Mihael
    • Globus transfers are working (!!!)
    • After Kyle’s intervention we have a proper full access to necessary auth API.
    • Tests if user resources are private are still necessary.
  • Craig
    • Staging deploy (still using latest)
    • Testing/migration troubleshooting
  • Tommy
    • Working on OAuth + DataONE
    • Documented (textually) tale creation
    • UI Testing