2018-07-23: Development meeting

Kacper, Mike, Ian, Tommy


  • Updates
  • Issue triage?
  • Individual schedules for planning purposes (i.e., what is your availability over next ~3 months for WT project)
    • Craig (50% allocation): travel on 9/13-14 and 9/17-18
    • Kacper (75-50% allocation): travel on 8/15-9/7


  • Kacper:
  • Craig: (at PEARC this week)
    • Built/released v0.4, currently in process of deploying to staging
    • Would like to discuss testing process going forward
      • Need automated testing in UI
      • Need cross-browser testing (defining “Done” as tested on 4 major browsers)
    • Would like to discuss devel process going forward
      • Propose that we standarize on zenhub and have consistent workflow (Close v Done)
    • For planning purposes, need everyone to list schedule over next 2-3 months
  • Mike
    • Globus transfer code is commited. Not sure how can reasonably test it using existing CI.
    • Needs docs for using and deployment
    • Change to auth plugin to make it store transfer tokens
  • Ian
    • Current sprint is heading towards the end.
    • There’s going to be a small amount of FTE allocated towards bugfixes in the next one.
  • Tommy
    • Merging
    • Testing/small ui fixes
    • Publishing Dialog
    • Had another meeting with Chris Jones about authentication flow