2018-08-06: Development meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Damian, Sebastian, Mike, Craig, Ian



  • Bryce:
    • Abstract for AGU’18 (Washinghton, DC) Dec
  • Damian:
    • Code review for Tommy, planning next sprint.
  • Craig:
    • Planning; Workshop agenda; investigation of synergy with Binder/Jupyter projects
    • Stress testing (next up)
  • Mike:
    • Researching Globus import.
    • Planning to refactor registration code.
  • Sebastian:
    • Looking forward to next ND sprint.
  • Tommy:
    • Reworked adding ORCID ID to EML PR
    • Added popups to publishing modal
    • Added support for license picking in the UI
    • Added license images
    • Added the license and science_metadata files to the Environemnt section
    • Added support for listening to the event stream (tested with a dev girder branch)
    • Misc styling changes in the modal to reflect the mockup
    • Cleaned up & organized to-do items in the project view & issues list.
    • Issue Order:
      • Upload license file (in progress)
      • Endpoint parameter for prov/metadata (pass in something like {'entrypoint': itemID, etc}). This gets written to tale.yaml
      • Add notification updates to backend (halfway done in another branch-UI portion in a pending PR)
      • Save Recipe Github Repo (Refactor code from previous PR)
      • Close ORCID Login popup once user logs in (Once complete-it redirects to the redirect route. Need to close the popup from there)
      • Fix close button (Call the closeModal action in the application route)
      • Set rightsHodler to ORCID in EML (we have the ID-just need to pass it through to the populate_sys_meta function)
      • File picker
      • Add publishing menu dropdown to run page