2018-08-20: Development meeting

Adam, Bryce, Craig, Damian, Ian, Sebastian


  • Updates
  • v0.5 remaining issues
  • 36 month review
    • Recipe/environment estimate – didn’t get to it this week.
    • Will try to get this for the AHM
  • Other
    • v0.5 release plan:
      • Tentatively: feature complete 8/31?
    • Dev redeploy or DB refresh
    • AHM/Workshop
      • Ian cannot attend either
      • Tommy/Bryce will be at AHM and Workshop
      • Craig tentatively remote for AHM at the Workshop
      • Mike most likely will be at AHM not at Workshop Updates

  • Ian:
    • Adam will help with file picker, in sprint
  • Damian:
    • Not much in WT lately
    • Will help Bryce with issue #238
  • Sebastian:
    • Fixing large uploads (enable chunking in newer DropZone)
  • Bryce:
    • Working on https://github.com/whole-tale/dashboard/issues/238 to get publish button on the Run page, problems with showModal function
  • Mike:
    • Refactoring REST API for registration to support Globus and supporting infrastructure for ingest.
  • Craig: *