2018-10-15: Development meeting

Kacper, Ian, Adam, Bryce, Damian, Mihael


  • Updates
  • Discussing UX report:
    • BM: maybe we should remove Run/Launch button?
    • IT: that could lead to a lot of accidental Tale launches
    • MH: Agrees with BM, clicking on a Tale should result in user being able to see the content (as in: Run the Tale)
    • BM: RStudio Cloud demo


  • Kacper:
    • XSEDE proposal submitted
    • website tweaks
  • Ian:
    • SC’18 presence: maybe we should present a demo?
  • Adam & Damian:
    • nothing this sprint
  • Bryce:
    • updating serialization format
  • Mihael:
    • looked into wrapping registration into celery jobs