2018-10-25: PI review of UI/UX

Kacper, Craig, Matt J, Matt T, Kyle

UI/UX Meeting Notes

  • MJ/MT: Directory structures should match in the UI and in the interface
    • This might break existing tales, but we can migrate (or mitigate now)
  • MJ:
    • People have struggled with home
    • If Workspace is where you should write results, we want to set that as the default folder when entering the environment
    • MT: Workspace as cwd
      • Users would need to .. for home and external_data
    • MJ:
      • Bryce argued that we shouldn’t have home at all
      • MT: xdgconfig home
    • MJ:
      • cwd as workspace
      • home contains workspace
      • workspace contains external data
    • KK:
      • cwd set to workspace
      • two special directories
        • data
        • home
    • KC:
      • supports hiding home and allowing people to mount if they need to
      • cwd should be workspace
      • hasn’t heard concrete case for home other than RC files
      • MT: this is the only think you can mount on the desktop
        • This is the easiest way to get data into the system
        • We can still dump stuff into it
        • But it doesn’t need to be
  • MJ: Can we do this incrementally?
    • Interact is Run
    • Files is just the Run/Data
    • We want to get the directory structures right in the context of the current interface
  • Copy on Launch

Google drive analogy

  • Default console application (Cloud9/Jupyter/Monaco/etfc)
  • Home is just a particular tale
  • Blessed Whole Tale console
  • Use case:
    • I use just one environment


  • Each workspace is a webdav


  • Revised Run/Data panel to behave more like Kristina’s mockup
  • Decision on directory structure and cwd
    • Options
      • home > workspace > data (nested)
        • cwd workspace
        • Since we create the workspace, we enforce the structure
      • Siblings home, workspace, external_data
        • cwd ..
      • workspace >
        • data
        • home
        • cwd workspace
      • workspace > data
        • /mnt/home/xxx (buried home)
        • cwd workspace
      • workspace > data, home as sibling
        • cwd workspace
    • Example (workspaces in home)
      • home
        • My Water Tale (cwd)
          • data
      • Webdav
        • Ligo Tale
        • My Water Tale
        • Users tried to write to cwd
  • Best option
    • workspace contains data
    • cwd is workspace
    • home sibling to workspace, but accessible via environment (which may pose problems per environment)

Conflicting notions:

  • Home as $HOME where my vimrc and bashrc live
    • We can’t do this
  • “Home” as a personal space where I just put shared stuff across tale and can mount it via Webdav
    • Stop calling it home
    • “My Stuff”
    • POSIX filesystem, must be mounted somewhere and evident to the user.

Review of Rstudio cloud

  • /home/rstudio-user is separate from /cloud/project
    • This could be a $HOME directory
  • /workspace /workspace/data solves the problem of relative paths forever

Revision of Run/Data panel:

  • Ceases to be picker
  • Needs to show reality of mounted data

Option: Implement “Files” tab on Run page as workspace with data only (no home)

  • Manage continues to be global (home/ global data)
  • Run is tale sensitive
  • Q. Does UI reflect env perfectly – i.e., posix-style – or separate workspace/data into two panels per mockup
  • Actions for external data and worspace are different
    • Data = register/select from catalog