2018-11-26: Development meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike H, Mike L, Ian, Adam


  • Updates
  • Discussion items


  • Kacper:
    • Dataverse PR
    • Work on adding/removing data from session
    • repo2docker integration – how to approach Binder community about changes that are useful for both.
  • Mike H.:
    • Working on deploy-dev to get it working with cert
    • Next up: bug fixes and design document
    • Discussion of save/restore – publish/import
    • Craig: What’s next? OAI-PMH is next up
  • Craig:
    • Re-deployed dev at TACC
      • Note: currently running dashboard:data_import and girder:dataverse
    • Review on TT/KK PRs
    • Organizing WG calls
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/whole-tale/issues/50
    • Define/refine Workspaces tasks
  • Tommy:
    • PR for analyze button accepted in MetacatUI
    • New MetacatUI release - need to deploy on https://search-stage-2.test.dataone.org and test (I’ve been testing on localhost)
    • Need to fix CSS styling issue (font-weight)
    • Currently working on dev documentation (test cases, expected behavior) for data-import & addressing Craig’s comments on the data-import PR
    • PSA: Using YUIDoc in the dashboard.
  • Mike L.:
    • Continued work on edit metadata page
    • Drop-down works to list environments
    • Noted issue about image not being modifiable on Tale and question about
    • Discussion of using Swagger codegen in place of hand-coded api_calls.js
      • KK: recalls something about Girder POST using query parameters. AB: Ember makes assumptions about the API. If you pass query parameters in a post, it’s not how Ember does things.
  • ND (Adam/Ian):
    • Sprint is starting next week
    • Re-share the hackmd link
    • Craig to create Git issues based on link

Data-Import Test Links https://dashboard.dev.wholetale.org/compose?data_location=https%3A%2F%2Fdev.nceas.ucsb.edu%2Fview%2F6519b776-d0dc-4cc0-8a71-23c4090446fe&data_title=asdfg