2019-01-28: Development Meeting

Kacper, Ian, Craig, Mike L., Mike H., Tommy, Tim

Development planning


  • Updates
  • Discussion
    • Add WebDav support to documentation.
      • What about UI for getting the key?
    • Kubernetes ticket for Mike H.
  • What’s in v0.6
    • Workspace support
    • Ability to dynamically add external data (embrace DM)
    • Select Data modal (Workspaces and External Data)
    • Globus data registration (working)
  • What’s planned for v0.7
    • Dataverse ET datasetId integration
    • Copy on Launch
    • Publish (with Workspace support)
    • Environment customization (repo2docker)
    • Structure of directories – need to make sure this is solid for publishing #55



  • ND done until next funding period


  • Working toward v0.6
    • Move from /dm/session to /tale for external data


  • Provenance task group met on Friday
  • Q. Globus data management


  • v0.6 release reviews/testing/planning/documentation
    • Goal to release end of Jan.
  • v0.7 planning
    • Copy on Launch
    • Publishing
    • Environment customization (repo2docker)
  • Infastructure
    • Kyle provided access to Chameleon (Jetstream alternative)
  • repo2docker integration (WIP)
    • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/211
    • Issues with image customization (breadcrumb, iframe support)
  • repo2docker.version implementation (WIP)
    • https://github.com/jupyter/repo2docker/pull/550
  • Real tales
    • Seni Sode
      • https://github.com/sodelab/dimer-freq-manuscript
    • Kyle Bocinsky
  • Working groups/RDA fellows/Carpentries
    • Provenance Task Group – meeting Fridays
    • Planning for next OSI and revived Social Science WG (more to come)
    • Fellows meeting in early Feb
    • Carpentries working workshop (~ Mar 6-7)
  • Dataverse integration
    • 4.11 will be released soon
    • We should provide an announcement to the community list

Mike L.:

Mike H.:

  • Wrote documentation on adding new import providers
  • Fix issue of running girder under http


  • Found an issue with the MIMETYPE of files when publishing to dataone
    • DataONE has a list of supported types, when an type that isn’t supported is used, the indexer fails to properly complete the indexing process
      • Leads to issues locating & importing published dataserts
      • Fixed with the environment
  • Generalized the way we recognize where a dataset came from (using a folder property rather than a string match)
  • Fixed up the commit logs for dataone_publishing in gwvolman, girder_wholetale, and dashboard
  • Publishing feature is up to date across repos except dashboard (the only merge conflict should be in the run page left panel)
  • Had some old testing issues in that I went through (this is when I found the mimetype issue)
  • Joining the prov meetings on Friday to keep up to date on what decisions are made (I’ll probably work on implementing this)
  • Finished the repostory for representing exported Tales in RO format
  • Just to note:
    • We specify dataone member nodes via the publish endpoint
    • We specify the CN during server setup as an environmental var
  • Should I remove the data selection on the compose & run page?
    • https://github.com/whole-tale/dashboard/issues/362 Next:
      • Fix the mimetype issue
      • Rebase dashboard with master
      • (If gwvolman & girder_wt pass review) test on dev for early validation-it works on my machine?
      • Meet with Craig about format this week?