2019-2-26 Development planning

Craig, Kacper

  • Discussion of Tommy’s demo
    • File picker for workspace and data
      • Q. Should user be able to select subset of files/data during publish process
      • Q. What is the relationship between “public” or shared Tales and published tales
      • Q. Should users be able to publish multiple packages out of a single workspace?
      • Q. Should we disable the filepicker for v0.7 until we can address this?
      • Q. Should we drop the entrypoint selection for v0.7 since we don’t use it?
      • Q. Re-publishing – what if I never get a DOI from DataONE? What if I hit publish again?
    • Provider framework issues
      • Hardcoded list of DataONE members
      • Hardcoded licenses
  • v0.6 release?
    • 3 outstanding PRs
    • Tag rc3, test, release
  • Discussion of repo2docker integration
    • Rstudio
      • rocker stuff is all debian:stretch based