2019-03-11: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike L, Tommy, Tim, Mike H

Development planning

  • Updates
  • Discussing repo2docker
    • Tim – see https://github.com/jupyter/repo2docker/issues/487
  • Discussing k8s development plan.
    • MH: Flexvolume and CSI are basically the same
    • Goal: have basic proof-of-concept of WebDav via Flexvolume (or CSI) that works-end-to-end (mount/unmount) by 3/18.
  • Update with publishing
    • Have 2-3 devs that are willing to test publishing once it’s on stage/dev
    • Aim to have loose ends tied by the end of this week
    • Next week (stage deployment) deal with any minor things that come up
  • Review of export/import status
    • License selection:
      • Backend merged; dashboard needs to be reviewed and merged
    • Manifest endpoint
      • Blocked by Kacper’s review; being confirmed on import side
    • Export
      • Single dashboard PR
      • Single girder_wholetale PR


  • Craig

    • v0.6 deployment at IU with migration verification (in progress)
    • repo2docker – Build Tale
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/211
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/gwvolman/pull/43
      • https://github.com/craig-willis/repo2docker/pulls
    • Reviewed export & manifest
  • Tommy

    • Added license field to Tale along with a license endpoint
    • Added a dropdown to select licenses in Tale metadata view
    • Made Tale Authors modifiable
    • Made changes to manifest code from Kacper’s review
    • Removed the license picker from the publishing modal
    • Removed license parameters from export, publishing, and manifest
    • Removed license files from gwvolman
    • Refactored publishing to use Tale license instead of license files in gwvolman

    To Do: * Hash out what to do with multiple Tale authors * Make tale[_id] name of zip folder [Done] * Create README template * Add it to: * Export * Published Tale * Integrate Repo2docker * Fix my dashboard deployment -chown * Update tale_serialization_formats repo - parent_dataset changed to schema:isPartOf - Add “Datasets” to the context

    Open PRS: * https://github.com/whole-tale/dashboard/pull/440 (license) * https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/251 (manifest) * https://github.com/whole-tale/dashboard/pull/434 (export) * https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/252 (export) * https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/249 (jstree)

  • Mike L.:

    • Rebuild and restart wired up to UI
    • Working on rendering notifications in the UI
      • Wrote a new service to handle SSE from Girder via EventSource
      • Writing a new component that consumes this service to render a simple notification feed
      • Needed to polyfill EventSource to allow custom headers (e.g. Girder-Token)
      • PR pending
    • Now that release churn is over, I have reviews that I need to catch up on
  • Mike H.:

    • working on k8s. Have the whole stack running!
    • Should we use kaniko for image builds?
  • Kacper:

    • v0.6 release consumed a lot of my time past week
    • reviews
    • http file handling
    • uploading zipfile for Tale import
  • Tim:

    • Will Repo2Docker-based images be cached?
      • Yes, with caveats
    • Question about supporting Ansible in WT