2019-03-21: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Tommy, Mike L

  • Dashboard export PR
    • Please prioritize this
    • Need to also handle that we support zip and bagit
    • Use bagit_export:
      • Either as two separate menus or a submenu
      • See https://semantic-ui.com/modules/dropdown.html#pointing
  • Publish
    • Need to get this reviewed and merged
    • dashboard
    • girder_wholetale
    • gwvolman
  • Discussion of multiple authors
    • Creator/ORCID problem:
      • Creator is relevant for export and publish
      • Stian’s RO feedback is to use ORCID for creator
      • In WT creator is Tale creator, and we do not have an ORCID
      • We can have an ORCID
        • Enforce via Globus app configuration
      • This goes into the manifest, which is used in publish
      • Fall back to Globus ID if we don’t have an ORCID
        • https://auth.globus.org/v2/api/identities/b9600f5e-2b72-4b37-92af-0ff4d49abc71
    • Authors
      • Authors are relevant for browse/card display, export and publish
      • During initial validation, we’re populating the author as the creator
      • Authors have first, last, orcid
        1. Leave it blank, but then we can’t display the name on the dashboard
        1. Make the orcid optional – but required for publish/export
        1. email or orcid
    • Dashboard:
      • Authors widget allows adding first, last, orcid – all are required
        • To hit save, you have to provide an orcid
        • The first time, no one will have an orcid. Because after migration the creator is the author and we don’t have ORCID’s today.
    • Export and publish
      • For multiple author
        • ORCID must have been provided
      • For single author legacy tales where the ORCID has not been provided
        • Fall back to Globus ID
    • Multiple author Scenario
      • Craig creates the Bocinsky/Guedes Tale before this feature
      • During validation step, the author is set to Craig with no ORCID
      • Craig edits the metadata, adding Bocinsky and Guedes as authors (Craig is not an author)
      • Because he logged in after the ORCID requirement was enabled, we now have his ORCID for the creator record
      • He had to supply ORCIDs for Bocinsky and Guedes to add multiple authors
  • Stian’s feedback