2019-04-15: Development Meeting

Kacper, Adam, Mihael, Tim, Mike L, Ian


  • updates



  • Fixes related to new Tale schema: Authors are now array instead of string (analyze in WT, exporting)
  • PR Reviews
  • Working on:
    • 3rd party OAuth integrations (submitted PR to upstream Girder to reuse oauth_login)
    • Adding entrypoints for repo2docker
    • planning (see note from 04/10)


  • Create Tale modal is finished (just the frontend piece)

Mike H:

  • Fix bug in the girderfs (caching issue)
  • Added an endpoint to drop DMS cache
  • Talked to Craig about FlexVolume/CSI integration. Will continue to work on FlexVolume
  • Work on deploying entire WT stack on k8s

Mike L:

  • PR for Run view instance id -> tale id
    • Start/stop button on “Run” view
    • Placeholder for starting/stopping/stopped tales
  • PR for minor UX improvements for notification stream widget
    • Show/hide toggle button in navbar
    • Badge displaying unack’d event count
    • Placeholder if you have no events
  • Currently reviewing Tommy’s metadata citation PR
  • Craig seems to have mostly handled the review of Mike H’s Kubernetes proof-of-concept, but feel free to reach out if you have any questions


  • Started talking about actual development strategies in Friday provenance call, but only Bertram, Matt, and I were present.
  • Proposed we start discussing the conceptual model and implementation design for a common provenance store for a Tale.
  • With a common model and store for all provenance related information we may capture, we can develop various means to gather provenance, query/visualize provenance, and export provenance while maintaining loose coupling of these tools.
  • Provenance export format(s) need not dictate provenance store schema or technology.
  • Need to get the provenance working group off the project critical path.
  • I would like to have a provenance store, populated by whatever means, to query and demonstrate visualizations for.
  • Question: If I were to provide a capability on the query and visualization side, what are the options for interoperating with a Tale or the WT system as a whole?
  • Examples of visualizations that are possible: http://try.yesworkflow.org