2019-04-22: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Tommy, Tim, Mike H, Adam


  • updates



  • Pull request reviews
  • Redeployed .dev.wholetale.org

Mike L:

  • PR to display Tale’s creator if there are no authors
  • Reviewed Tommy’s dataset citations PR


  • Was off for a few days
  • Fixed up citation PR (kacper merged it today)
  • Fixed up multi-authors gwvolman PR
  • Refactored test document for 0.7
  • Finishing user documentation
    • Run>Metadata docs
  • Next:
    • Create issue for 0.7 tests. TODO: Kacper will deploy v0.7rc2 (after tagging)
    • Test (kacper will tag&deploy)


  • Working on the Create Tale Modal (finished)
  • Issue PR for button behavior change shortly
  • Next: Select Data issue

Mike H:

  • Working on k8s deployment, run into some issues with ingress controller (slow)


  • There is the start of a draft of a plan for the (mostly) provenance and (some) reproducibility features.
  • Much of the discussion on Friday was about the implementation of the provenance store.
  • It became clearer that manual entry of provenance information is critical so that no automated provenance capture too need be comprehensive.
  • What are feelings about RDF documents vs triple stores vs relational databases vs JSON-LD, etc? (Interestingly, no NoSQL options mentioned Friday. Are these options for storing and querying JSON-LD? Maybe too big for Tales?)