2019-06-10: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike L, Adam, Ian, Mike H


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • Helped to deploy v0.7 (migration script we’re broken / missing)
      • testing
      • cleaning up “stale”, “test” Tales
      • “repo2docker_wholetale”
      • last minute PR review
      • Debugged issues related to invalid DataONE certs
    • Use a dedicated token to intialize GirderClient in jobs girder_wholetale#311
    • UI/UX meeting
    • K8s showcase with Mike H
  • Tommy
    • Testing; See here
      • Found a couple of issues un-related to the testing doc
      • Chat about those when everyone is present?
    • Issues with gwvolman? here
    • Problem with getting to AHM
    • I have three code+data Tales to publish to the KNB. Researcher wants a DOI with these
      • https://github.com/cjlortie/density.series
      • https://github.com/cjlortie/Resource_selection_Carrizo
      • https://github.com/cjlortie/LTER.PHER
  • Mike L
    • Reviewed PR for blue screen fix (currentFolderId)
    • PR for adding Tale title to notification-stream
      • May revisit patterns in the near future
    • PR for closing notification-stream panel on logout, fixed broken close() logic
    • Can look into refactoring polling behavior into a central service
      • When logging out, polling does not automatically cease
      • Similarly, when launching a Tale, if you refresh the page the background polling will stop
  • Adam
    • Reviewed “Copy on Launch” features, ran into problems (KeyError: template)
  • Ian
    • Won’t be able to make it to the all-hands
  • Mike H
    • No new updates