2019-07-08: Development meeting

Kacper, Elias, Mike H, Adam, Mike L, Craig


  • Updates
  • Priorities discussion (see below)
  • Post v0.8
    • Kubernetes migration
    • Ember -> Angular (under consideration)
  • Discussion
    • Agave native protocol support
      • Q. Are all files in Agave available via HTTPS
    • Mike’s estimates:
      • Doesn’t include testing/review
      • ~double if we add unit tests from the start


  • Kacper
    • WIP: Registration as a job
    • WIP: api keys
    • WIP: Dataverse r2d integration
    • Going to SciPy’19 tomorrow, back Friday night.
  • Craig
  • Mike L
    • Planning / exploration for Ember -> Angular
      • Remaining unknown: Swagger API client/model generation
      • Remaining unknown: Login/OAuth flow
    • Estimating how long a rewrite would take, if we choose
    • Browse refactor / other PRs still awaiting feedback
  • Mike H
    • No response from Niall re: TACC access
    • Looking into handling of failed transfers in DMS
  • Elias
    • Import provider code is ready for review (CyVerse, DesignSafe)
    • Discussion of how do support authorized access to Agave:
      • Add check whether resource is Agave or not. If so, add the header.
      • Open question about whether information about provider is available at the time of transfer
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wt_data_manager/
      • Craig: Go ahead and create “WIP” PR
  • Adam
    • no updates