2019-09-23: Development Meeting

Kacper, Elias, Mike L, Mike H


  • Updates
  • Discussion


  • Kacper:
  • Mike L:
    • v0.8rc1 Testing
      • Ran through the test plan, filed several bugs and created PRs for most of them
      • Confusion on expected dropdown options for Run > Files > Tale Workspace
        • All normal operations should be listed here: Rename/Remove/Download/Move To/Copy To
    • Angular refactoring
      • WIP Select Data + Registration modal
  • Elias
    • Proposed changes to bdbag agave design doc (with Craig and Kacper)
    • Continued working on bdbag agave feature
      • Most of it is working
      • Code still needs to read from agave config and pull the tokens
  • Mike H
    • Tale @ Scale meeting
      • There are some concerns that the “implementation cost” is too high