2019-10-21: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Craig, Mike H., Tim


  • Updates
    • Vacation:
      • KK: 11/30-12/06
      • CW: 10/25-28
  • Discussion
    • User settings? [name=Craig]


  • Tommy:
    • Currently in UCSB training thing (being safe online and other administrative things)-won’t be on this call.
    • Started working on mapping a tale to RO-Crate
    • Should be turning on the Analyze in WT button (on DataONE) this week-chatted with the team about this last Thursday.
      • I have 4 people at NCEAS lined up to test it on a CN and MN before it goes live
  • Kacper:
    • released v0.8 :tada:
    • Working on backend part of external accounts integrations
      • Tommy: Also chatted with D1 about the JWT. The CN mints the JWT and keeps some sort of record of it. When someone attempts to use a JWT, the CN checks if it minted that JWT. (So with accounts I think we need something more than ORCID for DataONE (If we were thinking ORCID only))
  • Craig
    • “Recorded Run” discussion
    • C2Metadata preliminary discussion with Tim
    • PresQT/IMLS allocation started (10%)
    • Earth Cube allocation will start soon (25%)
    • Craig out next Monday
  • Mike L
    • Reviewed some PRs for dashboard
    • Angular rewrite continues
      • Select Data / Tale Workspaces modals now allow for navigation into folders
      • Need to revisit notification-stream and make sure it’s still working
  • Mike H
    • “Recorded Run” discussion
  • Tim