2019-10-28: Development Meeting

Kacper, Elias, Tim, Tommy, Mike L., Mike H.


  • Updates
  • Discussion
    • “Create and launch” discussion with Bertram :tada: [name=Kacper]


  • Kacper
  • Elias
    • Code review with team
    • Added logging in place of exceptions
    • Modifying the code flow to enable failures to float to the proper callers, so bad situations can fail gracefully, instead of halting.
    • Testing:
      • Bdbag integration test added
        • KK: https://vcrpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
      • Found and fixed a bug in the test setup that makes every test fail
      • Found no impact on pre-existing HTTP tests
      • Finished creating a good and bad bag for testing
      • Continuing work on unit tests for individual functions
  • Tommy
    • Enalabling WT Analyze on various nceas servers (getting ssh access)
    • Did a little work on the RO-Crate Tale representation
      • Have the directory structure down, currently in the process of mapping metadata
    • Did more looking at C2 meta and its integration with DataONE
      • I have some questions for Matt Jones about what he had in mind in the grant
  • Mike L.
    • PR for new User Settings view to allow users to “Configure Additional Accounts”
      • DataONE / ORCID (OAuth) not yet working
      • Zenodo / Dataverse (API keys) working
        • Modal still needs validation
        • Modal link needs to open in new tab
    • Angular - rewrite continues
      • Hooked up the notification-stream - still testing UI
      • Still fixing/styling some things before demoing
      • Will try for a (very rough) demo next Monday
  • Mike H.
    • Started to look into Globus transfer issue
  • Tim
    • Moving SKOPE services and app from TACC to Compute Canada.