2019-11-04: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Elias, Tim, Mike H, Mike L, Craig


  • Updates
  • Discussion
    • Demo of new iteration of WT dashboard (rewritten in Angular 7) [name=Mike L]
    • RO-Crate [name=Tommy]
      • Official RO-Crate examples are out of date and not fully spec-conformant
      • Do we want to make Crate root at bag top level directory, or in the payload? See here
        • Switch Size to contentSize & string not int
        • https://sandbox.zenodo.org/record/415162


  • Kacper
  • Tommy
    • Added more info to the RO-Crate Tale (see README here)
      • I can quickly run this this if anyone wants
    • PR for a bug fix where DataONE development data wasn’t getting registered during an import
    • Compiled a list of questions for Matt J about C2 meta (he’s in the office this week)
  • Craig
    • Maybe out 11/11 (daycare closed – may join call)
    • PR review
    • v0.9 planning
    • iSP pilot
  • Elias
    • Currently experiencing issues refreshing tokens in bdbag and tapis-cli-ng. Being looked into by TACC support.
    • Finished logging
    • Finished integration test
    • Learned VCR.py (for unit tests)
      • Generated and modified VCR cassette yamls for each written test.
    • Almost finished unit tests
      • Also did some refactoring of the Agave fetch
  • Mike L:
    • Angular rewrite continues
      • (very rough) demo today (?)
      • Still trying to fix a few small bugs, styling issues, etc
    • Still reviewing Kacper’s PR for External Accounts API
  • Mike H:
    • Working on Reproducible
  • Tim: