2019-11-25: Development Meeting

Elias, Mike H, Tommy, Mike L


  • Updates
  • Discussion


  • Tommy:
    • Attempted to play with c2meta, getting errors when uploading R scripts
    • Gathered more feedback on DataONE hierarchy
      • At this point I’ve addressed ~80% of feedback
        • Things left:
          • Inject JSON-LD into their README via xslt
          • Unit tests
          • Code review
          • Poke d1_python maintainer to accept my changes
    • Chatted with Mike H about versioning stuff
      • Going to start working on girder implementation of creating new version directories
    • Need to fix a bug where an extra /v2/ is getting added to the end of the dataone cn in the resource map during publishing, no idea why this cropped up
  • Elias:
    • Submitted PR for bdbag
      • Includes manual and automatic test case instructions
      • Added another commit to fix an issue introduced by a bug in tapis-cli-ng
  • Mike L:
    • Angular Docker image is building, but build is still painfully slow
      • Fixed a few more issues in order to use ng build --prod
    • Reviewed Kacper’s PR for Zenodo publishing