2019-12-09: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Tommy, Mike H., Mike L., Elias

Regrets: Craig


  • Updates
  • v0.9 release
    • Target release deployment after new year
    • Coordinate announcement with PI team
    • Updated test plans, documentation, etc.
  • versioning discussion


  • Kacper
    • I only have nice photos of sandy beaches
  • Craig (out with sick kid)
    • v0.9 PR review
    • isP verification #2
      • Drafted author guidelines
      • Starting to get community feedback on idea of review
    • UTK “tale”
      • Jupyter + Spark + R! All-in-one
      • Mostly fits WT
      • Combines results reproduction with re-use (users intended to play with notebook)
      • Except data is fetched from notebook
    • v0.10 planning (tentative)
      • Sharing
      • Create tale from Git
      • Dataverse publishing (no drafts)
      • Import tales from D1?
      • Versioning?
  • Tim
    • Explored ReproZip provenance model and trace schema.
    • Notes: https://github.com/whole-tale/wt-prov-model/tree/master/notes
    • Will start making a set of examples that can be run individually or together with Make.
    • Will repeat analysis using Sciunit, then expand with YesWorkflow examples.
  • Tommy
    • V2 fix PR (need to fix broken unit test)
    • Changes to doi-as-pid PR
    • Looked at Tim’s notes, played around with reprozip and YW
    • Investigating bug with Tale obsoletion (works every other time-not in WT yet)
  • Mike H
    • preliminary design notes on the backend support for versioning/runs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b2xZtIYvgVXz7EVeV-C18So_a7QLGg59dPQMxvBcA5o/edit?usp=sharing
  • Mike L
  • Elias