2020-02-17: Development Meeting

Mike L, Mike H, Craig, Tim, Elias


  • Updates


  • Mike L:
    • Taken away by another project
    • Will look at Dashboard PRs
  • Craig:
    • v0.9 PR review testing
    • UTK “tale”
    • Annual report due 2/28
  • Mike H.
    • Still working on versioning
    • Ran into a problem with “virtual folders”
  • Tim
    • ReproZip works fine in containers without extra capabilities.
    • The examples in the wt-prov-model repo now can all be run via container on any computer with Docker and GNU Make installed:
      • Clone wt-prov-model. The Makefile in the top-level directory runs Docker as needed by targets.
      • Type make clean-examples, then git status to confirm that the results were deleted.
      • Type make run-examples, then git status to see results restored. (Mostly–there is some variation.)
  • Elias
    • Working on Frontera workshop