2020-03-02: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Elias, Tommy, Elias, Mike L, Mike H,


  • Updates
  • AHM - [name=Craig]
    • 03/04/2020 10am - 5pm CDT
    • https://illinois.zoom.us/j/583802454
    • for people @ NCSA: we gather in NCSA-2000
    • optionally 03/05/2020 10am - 1pm
    • Agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nMRQcriK0yVKmJaHr3VdhBEtIOE8oDwFMs9rIZMYPwA/edit


  • Kacper
  • Tommy
    • Removed the README.md file from the manifest (in a PR)
    • Add citation information to DataONE resource map (in PR)
    • Dashboard testing + PR review
    • Can work on any prioritized issues for RC3/AHM
      • Othwerwise I’m looking over Tim’s work from last week and touching up my notes (internal prov model: which format we save prov in, making sure the queries Tim has can be done with them)
  • Craig
    • Testing
    • Annual report
    • AHM exercises
    • Fix for repo2docker CRAN date (cache invalidated every 24 hours for R-based images)
  • Tim
    • Working on EC proposal.
  • Elias
    • Testing 0.9
      • Question regarding which documentation to review
  • Mike L
  • Mike H
    • Finishing up runs and versioning.
      • Girderfs extension for versioning. tail -f was downloading entire file, instead of a related region. Fix pending