2020-03-16: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Elias, Tim, Mike L, Mike H


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • Worked on more appealing Tale (see girder_wholetale#411)
    • Minor fixes post rc3 (r2d version in manifest, …)
  • Tommy
    • Solicited feedback from NCEAS/DataONE about my reprozip->ProvONE work
      • Next step is putting together an end to end example and make it available (something like a git repository)
    • A few PR reviews
    • Still need to test the latest RC, which I’m planning on doing today
    • Prov meeting
  • Tim
    • Getting back into the provenance explorations and demos.
    • Thinking about installing Whole Tale on a local computer so I can get better understanding of the architecture and what are options are in future projects.
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/deploy-dev
  • Mike L
    • Finished styling/layout for the Tale sharing UI
      • Currently mock data - how far along is the API?
        • GET/PUT /tale/{id}/access
      • Should I move onto styling / layout for for Git integration and/or reproducible runs?
  • Elias
    • Sick last week and UT shut down Friday
    • Been busy with jupyter HPC stuff at TACC and transitioning to working from home
    • Working through user guide
  • Mike H