2020-03-23: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike L, Tim, Elias


  • Updates


  • Tommy:
    • Vacation this week cancelled (but took Friday off)
    • Moved my office to my house
    • Performed testing centered around importing Tales & Datasets on RC3
    • This Week:
      • Fixing my Metacat deployment
      • Get reprozip/provone work in GitHub
      • Stop registering latest version/updated versions of DataONE datasets
      • Scope out bringing in EML from DataONE when registering datasets
  • Kacper
    • Tested dashboard-ng a bit
    • Helping with a workshop that uses WT (happening now)
  • Mike L
    • Tale sharing UI/API integration complete - PR/test case to follow, slight divergence from mockups
      • Search Girder users, not email address - if an e-mail/invite API already exists, then we could use that instead
      • No mockup for a “group” ACL
      • Gravatar / affiliation / description missing from ACL response
        • CORS errors from hitting the gravatar endpoint directly
      • No notion of user’s “affiliation” at all - is this description?
    • Made a PR to address follow-on comments from deploy-dev patterns for ngx-dashboard
    • Starting on Git integration UI pieces
  • Tim
    • With Kacper’s and Tommy’s help got WT running on my local Linux system
    • Working on ideas for EC call for notebooks. Likely will use SKOPE data sets and processing workflows.
  • Elias
    • Worked through user guide. Noticed some minor potential improvements to the documentation. Should I be focusing on improving that or testing the app more?
    • Other tasks?