2020-03-30: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Tommy, Mike L, Craig, Elias


  • Updates


  • Kacper:
    • worked on other project most of the last week
  • Tommy:
    • Had Friday off for Cesar Chavez
    • My DataONE stack is back up and running (major change was exposing metacataui via Apache rather than Tomcat)
      • Will use this to demo DataONE folder structure
      • Will also be used for demoing and testing SDTL display on dataset landing pages
    • Testing RC3
      • Just have Pulishing, Zenodo, & Regressions
    • Created an issue about including the EML on imported DataONE datasets
      • tldr: We should be doing this after/as brown dog is deployed. Bringing in the data is easy, side effects (like publishing is more complex)
  • Mike L:
    • Submitted PR for Tale sharing
    • WIP branch for Git integration UI (ready to wire)
    • Updated PR/issue templates in ngx-dashboard
    • Updated issue templates for test plan(s)
    • Currently running v0.9rc3 testing
      • Results to follow
      • Noting that one or more bug fixes are missing from this RC (e.g. multiple files being deleted at once)
  • Tim:
    • Can work on queries that produce RDF reports (JSON-LD?) from the provenance captured by ReproZip.
    • If there are examples of what is needed by DataONE can use these as targets.
  • Elias:
    • Working mostly on COVID-19 stuff @ TACC
  • Craig
    • BD converter for sdtl-converter (demonstrated last week)
      • Agreed to implement other converters, issue relevant PRs
    • Presented WT integration on PresQT community call today
      • We wouldn’t even consider using it without improved metadata support