2020-04-06: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Tommy, Mike L


  • Updates
  • Tentative plan for 0.10
    • New dashboard
    • Git integration
    • Tale sharing
    • Versioning
    • (optionally) Dataverse publishing


  • Kacper
    • Tagged, released and deployed v0.9
      • A lot of things had to be cleaned up after CCA workshop…
    • Testing new dashboard
  • Tim
    • With Tommy’s guidance assembled queries of the WT prov model that output JSON-LD representations of PROV and ProvONE describing a single execution as a whole.
    • Hoping to get more elaborate examples working (contributed by Tommy) and start incorporating YesWorkflow and maybe C2Metadata.
    • Maybe create visualizations of PROV/ProvONE of our own (that make PROV gurus happy, and Bertram happy)
  • Craig (may not attend depending on naps)
    • Last week:
      • primarily spent time on PR review, testing, for v0.9
    • This week:
      • C2metadata/BD converter
      • PresQT task wrap-up
      • New UI feedback
    • Note:
      • Will likely convert to hourly to remain involved with WT after 4/30. Not rid of me yet.
  • Tommy
    • Did some c2metadata work with Tim
    • This week I’ll be working on demoing the folder structure in DataONE and adding piecewise to my metadata example
  • Mike L
    • Retested v0.9rc3
    • Merged Kacper’s PR to ngx-dashboard
    • Starting on Recorded Runs UI, unless there is a higher priority