2020-04-13: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike L, Mike H, Tim


  • Updates
  • Fate of Dashboard repo <pom pom pom pom!>


  • Tommy
    • Had a fairly unproductive week, and was without power for a day
    • Currently talking with the main Metacat developer about which release to put the file hierarchy in
    • Was planning to meet with another dev over some feedback
  • Kacper
    • Limited time for WT last week. Mostly focused on testing ngx-dashboard.
  • Tim
    • Working on a C3.ai proposal.
  • Mike L
    • Started on Recorded Runs / Tale Versioning UI components
      • Looked into third-party slide out panels, but it ended up being easier to make one myself
      • Learned about Angular animations, working on adapting this example animation for grins
  • Mike H
    • Ramping up after leave.