2020-04-20: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Tommy, Craig, Tim


  • Updates
  • Priorities v0.10:
    • New dashboard ()
    • Tale sharing
      • Mail notification is potentially additional task for backend.
      • The whole workflow of inviting people is missing.
    • Versioning
    • Git integration
    • (optionally) Dataverse publishing


  • Kacper
    • Finished with ngx-dashboard testing/filing issues for now
    • Plan to move onto ‘versioning’ testing as soon as docs are ready
  • Tommy
    • Scratched some notes together for WT’s Export Format
      • Can discuss at the end if needed
    • Code Reviewed the Metacat Filesystem changes with a DataONE dev
      • Got more feedback from the NCEAS/DataONE Thursday call
      • Efficiency was & still is an issue
  • Craig
    • Mainly new UI testing and closing out non-WT projects
    • Did I mention I’m going hourly for WT?
    • C2Metadata – BrownDogization
  • Mike L
    • Continuing on Recorded Runs UI
      • Currently working with mocked data
      • List of available fields on the version or run model(s) might help
        • Are these different? we may need to discuss
    • Trouble with two-way animations, so I’ve removed them for now
      • Worked for open, but not on close
  • Tim
    • Still working on C3.ai proposal.
    • This is why I was laughing in the Friday prov call:
      • http://lemonodor.com/images/evolution-of-language-xml.jpg