2020-05-04: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike L, Tommy, Tim, Mike H


  • Updates
  • Prov/repro discussion
    • Prov/Repro group has been going on for some time every Friday
    • ReproZip + Prov needs extension to ProvONE
    • Need to write script (maybe?) to take the provone above and embed sdtl into it
      • Requires SDTL support
    • https://github.com/ThomasThelen/sdtl-provone
      • Need to add the examples from last week
        • Less of a tutorial than the single-command example
        • https://github.com/nceas/metacat
    • https://github.com/tmcphillips/wt-prov-model

C2Metadata Stuff (From Matt?)

  1. Add C2Metadata available tools in Brown Dog catalog.
  2. Extend Y4 Brown Dog integration for meadata extraction to include ability to execute C2Metadata tools.
  3. Extend Y4 provenance capture deliverables to include incorporation of C2Metadata output in provenance trace information captured by Whole Tale and published to external repositories, including DataONE.
  4. Includes update to Whole Tale tale packaging format to support C2Metadata outputs.
  5. Enhancements to DataONE data packaging format to support JSON-LD provenance information and display to add support for SDTL.
  6. Add support for Stata, SPSS, SAS environments in Whole Tale. How to run them, supporting licenses, negotiating that we can do it, where to run them.
  7. Develop integrated model of SDTL with ProvONE and YesWorkflow. The integrated model needs to accommodate the following kinds of information: workflows (prospective provenance); semantics of workflows (e.g. via controlled vocabularies / ontologies); retrospective provenance; combined/integrated forms thereof (hybrid provenance).
  8. Implement query support for all of these combined provenance artifacts.


  • Kacper
    • evaluating summer internship applications
    • deployed “versioning” branch locally, will test thoroughly this week
    • Fixing virtual_resources bugs:
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/virtual_resources/pull/4
    • reviewing dashboard PRs
    • set up autobuild for ngx-dashboard
-  dashboard_next:
-    image: bodom0015/ng-dashboard:wt
+  dashboard:
+    image: wholetale/ngx-dashboard:latest
  • Tommy
    • Going through Mike’s Dashboard PRs
      • Having issues getting my dashboard to reflect changes - quick screenshare after this meeting?
    • Presenting my re-refined SDTL-embedded-Prov again to DataONE this week (we came up with 2 additional use cases last week)
      • Should probably run it all by George before the next C2Metadata meeting (pushed back to next week)
  • Tim
    • C3.ai proposal made it in
      • Provenance recording, modeling, and query were central.
      • Plan to leverage WT provenance work
    • Back to work this week
  • Mike L
    • Mostly spent last week migrating to loaner machine
      • Note to self: never buy Mac – Kacper
    • Minor PRs for small bug
      • Disable edit button for read-only Tales
      • Return route for user login
      • Settings view redirect URL should use origin
  • Craig
    • Closed out PresQT work (not much)
    • Shifting to academic hourly (10 - 20 per week)
    • Need to get back into C2Metadata work
    • Will review new dashboard PRs as they come in
    • Dataverse community meeting in June?
  • Mike H
    • Added docs for “versioning” features (https://github.com/whole-tale/wt_versioning)