2020-06-08: Development Meeting

Craig, Kacper, Mike H, Mike L, Tommy


  • Updates
  • From last week’s Monday call, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ULLa8h4w8BwZpEkv8FmoGlERVL4EDt8RA7w0Jw_ltqk/edit#heading=h.t980tnhsvyr7
  • Versioning
    • Focuses on filesystem, but some information in database
  • Stata/Matlab support
  • https://github.com/ResearchObject/ro-crate/issues/13


  • Craig
    • Starting to look at Mike L’s PRs
    • Thinking about Stata/Matlab integration
      • Will need to support multiple versions
      • Composability
  • Tommy
    • Ended up being gone an extra day last week (no power)
    • Took a closer look at AiWT (with Mike’s dashboard PR)
      • small snag about recognizing existing Tales on the first “import” (n+1 works fine)
    • Touched up the Java stuff allowing dataone-downloaded Tales to be run locally
  • Kacper
    • Off half week, working on other projects the other half
    • Will provide feedback on PRs this week
  • Mike H
  • Mike L
    • PR for View Logs modal
    • A few PRs for minor fixes:
      • Truncating Tale titles
      • Navigate to Run > Interact when launching Tale
    • Closed/merged a couple open PRs on legacy dashboard
  • Tim
    • Finally got some time to work with SPARQL and report templates. Still looks promising.