2020-06-22: Development Meeting

Craig, Mike H, Tommy, Mike L


  • Updates


  • Craig:
    • Mathworks/Matlab continued…
      • Requesting permission to distribute images containing Matlab
      • Plan to move ahead with JupyterLab approach. JupyterLab + kernel + Matlab – needs composability with Stata, R, etc. (ala AEA)
      • Mathworks will release web-base UI in ~September for R2020b+ (we’ll still need another approach for < R2020b).
    • PR review – ever so slowly, sorry.
    • Dataverse Community Meeting – encapsulation session
      • Not much new here except that Dataverse is officially starting to look at ways to support code/environment, likely via RO-crate.
  • Tommy
    • Asked to support the dataone filesystem hierarchy in R
      • Issued a PR to datapack, the repo that handles resource map things
        • Need to test it a little more against dev.nceas
    • Updating the girder_wholetale datone python libraries
      • Deploying girder fails with some internal d1_python error
    • Dashboard testing
      • Only have the logs modal left
    • SDTL meeting
      • Gave an overview of the sdtl-prov topics
  • Mike H
    • Thinking about how to integrate other things into versioning
    • Current implementation assumes things are on filesystem and handled by wt home directories. It will be easiest to dump files into the workspace or parent directory
  • Mike L
    • PR for Tale popout icon in Run view
      • Also improves start/stop messages on tale-interact
    • PR to fix Tale category and title display on Catalog view
    • Updated PR for View Logs modal
      • Now fetches, sorts, and concatenates all relevant job logs
      • Possible edge case if new jobs are added when you’re already viewing the modal - unclear if this is currently handled correctly
      • Interesting edge case: what about tasks that require multiple Events? e.g. AiWT data registration + Tale startup events: is it ok to separate these logs by Event?