2020-06-29: Development Meeting

Craig, Kacper, Tommy, Mike H, Mike L, Tim


  • Updates
  • Revisit metadata/data versioning question? Discussed last week w/o Kacper
    • To version, or not to version, that is the question?
    • Manifesting things via fuse may not be ideal since versioning depends on webdav
    • Back to thinking about this as files
    • Kacper
      • Dump during versioning is easy
      • But how do we treat the actual workspace? .wholetale folder there with files dynamically updated every time they change? Can they edit directly?
    • Concensus:
      • Manifest via fuse in .wholetale directory for active workspace
      • Treat as files for versioning
      • This could revise our serialization format
    • MH: What about bagit?
      • Conformance to it would be good? KK: Doesn’t really matter as long as we’re acting on the workspace.


  • Kacper:
    • PR reviews
  • Craig:
    • Focused mainly on a paper, so little work on WT
    • Minimal PR review
    • Still need to email Mathworks about redistribution permission
  • Tommy
    • Out two days last week
    • Created a few SPARQL queries for Reprozip output
      • What are the artifacts that were prov:used (inputs)
      • What are the artifacts that were prov:generatedBy (outputs)
    • Have two instances I’m having issues deleting
  • Mike L
  • Mike H
    • no updates
  • Tim
    • Was out for staycation.
    • Back on SPARQL stuff