2020-07-27: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike L, Craig, Mike H, Tim


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • Met with Kyle and Mingzhe to talk about proper Deriva integration
    • Out sick most of the week
  • Tommy
    • Debugged a VM issue with Kacper
    • Tested updated base image
      • Need to file dashboard issue for broken modal on settings page
      • Need to test Zenodo (can use API instead of dashboard)
      • Need to test Importing from DataONE (There was an issue with dev dataone deployments last week)
    • Completed instructions for generating prov from SDTL
      • Should send these off at the end of the day or tomorrow for comment
    • Friday prov call
      • Looked at how WT might help researchers meet particular journal requirements for documentation (prov stuff) and other metrics
    • Update packages in Wt
      • Created a PR for the fix
        • It follows the DataONE standard, but breaks other use cases
        • Refactored to not follow the spec, but allows for the use cases (requested change by DataONE)
          • Might still break some of their use cases
        • Might just leave the bug and fix from the Whole Tale side
  • Mike L
    • Updated PR with fixes for select-data-modal
    • Fixed an issue with the “Ack All” button in the notification-stream
      • Clicking ack would prevent future events from coming through
    • Tested an old WIP PR for data registration as a job - appears to work as intended :+1:
  • Craig
    • NSF one pager for verification workflow
    • BrownDog converters for sdtl-reader and dataset-updater (C2Metadata)
    • Testing MATLAB image build process
      • Kitchen sink (25GB image) v customization (4GB image MATLAB only)
  • Tim
    • Working with the JSON-LD files Tommy created for the SDTL-PROVONE integration.
    • Blank nodes cause some difficulties with repeatability of outputs.
    • Will be working on provenance queries this week.
  • Mike H
    • out on vacation