2020-08-10: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Tim, Mike L, Mike H, Craig


  • Updates
  • Bug fix release? – Kacper
    • metamattj 5:26 PM The EFI group is looking at it now for there reproducible forecasting challenge and comparing it to other platforms.


  • Kacper
    • out last week
  • Tommy
    • Tested the first few new SDTL revision examples with Tim’s blazegraph work (seems fine so far)
    • Attempted some publishing with Craig
      • New Tale worked
      • Old Tale failed
  • Tim
    • SPARQL template-based reporter works.
    • This lets us compose documents and visualizations that depend on multiple SPARQL queries.
    • Will be developing a controlled vocabulary for describing information not covered by PROV and ProvONE.
    • Should have some visualizations working this week.
  • Mike L
    • previous week update: Removed “Remove” from External Data on files view (thank you, Craig!)
    • Looking into “Connect Account” modal bug
    • Need to hide those 2 placeholder views
  • Mike H
    • Deriva-WT was funded yay!
  • Craig
    • C2Metadata: POC for Browndog integration, will be (hopefully) deployed by next C2M call
    • Matlab and Stata (whole-tale/whole-tale#85)
      • TODO: update deployment to Ubuntu 20.04 (for newer docker) + bigger hdd
      • TODO: add arg support for r2d