2020-08-17: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Mike H, Mike L, Craig



  • Tommy
    • (Possibly out for this call, apologies)
    • Worked on obsoleting published Tales to DataONE
      • Giving up on the metacat bugfix that was preventing this (stale, no one seems to mind)
      • Fixed the issue on the WT side so we don’t run across it
    • Deleted my virtualbox image while clearing space
      • Backup is inaccessible in my office
      • Creating new vbox
  • Craig
    • C2Metadata BD demo of sdtl and ds-updater converters
      • New task is to get the whole workflow working in a single container
    • MATLAB
    • Terraform deployment
  • Kacper
    • Working with Mingzhe on adding deriva auth (globus) as an external account integration
      • There’s a channel on slack (#deriva-wt) if anyone is interested what are we up to
    • Looking into build-nodes and autocleaning of docker images on worker nodes
      • The former should work out-of-the-box with an addition of a dedicated celery queue
  • Tim
    • Working on those first provenance visualizations composed from multiple SPARQL queries today.
    • Using a new WT-specific controlled vocabulary for the provenance traces.
    • Will be able to export ProvONE using SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries, while making our internal queries easier to write and understand. (Optionally we can do the SPARQL CONSTRUCTs on the fly and keep ProvONE triples in the WT triplestore as well; this would allow us to support queries posed in terms of ProvONE or a mix of vocabularies.)
  • Mike L
    • Working on connect accounts modal
  • Mike H
    • No updates